Take a look at these AMAZING Before & After Success stories from Mimos Pillows around the world.  

A success story in Brazil! This boy started the mimos baby flat head pillow and physiotherapy for torticolis and plagiocephaly at 3 months. This is 10 days after. 
The speed of correction is very individual.  The softer the skull the faster the result.  Generally, the younger the baby, the softer the skull.

  Less than one month with the Mimos baby flat head pillow. Amazing results.

Another amazing result with Mimos baby flat head pillow and physiotherapy. This boy was 5 month when he started the treatment and the result is after 3 months. *The later you start the more time the head requires to round out.*

Can it get more round than this? Here is a little baby that used Mimos pillow from first days of life, together with tummy time. And the result is just perfect!  Prevent flathead with Mimos pillow.